How To Install DIY Frameless 3D Giant Wall Clock ? Wall Clock 3D Installation Guid Tutorial

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The service life of the non-perforated DIY 3D wall clock is 10-15 years, which can be shortened or extended due to the mode of use, battery and environmental factors. Please take good care of it.

diy clock Installation Guide Manual
Video Tutorial On Installation Steps

First of all let me just say that the instructions in the package the seller shipped to you were a mess of gibberish with nice-looking pictures that seem to have nothing to do with what the instructions are talking about and, in my opinion, are not the logical steps that should be shown. That all being said, we were able to get this figured out and on our wall without any issues. The things included are useful for getting it straight and accurate and if you want to use a level to get perfect number location I would recommend using two people to set this up.

DIY 3D Wall Clock Installation Guidelines

What I love about this clock is that you can make it any size that you want (and you can make a very large clock with this.) You can make this anywhere between 19- 30 Inch. We made ours 30 and it is a nice large size. You can choose a space in your home and make the clock to fill it. 

This is a unique clock design with numbers in varying sizes and fonts and you have a combination of digits and spelled out numbers- which can be placed vertically and horizontally. The adhesive on the back of the numbers gives a very strong grip. (I think so strong that you will probably be looking at re-painting when you remove this) But there should not be any worry of these falling off the wall. Make sure that you are cleaning the surface of your wall before you stick these one. For your reference, I did paste mine on a textured wall and it works great. You do want a flat, smooth surface for this but average textured walls will work as well. 

To install: Mount middle section to the wall (you will need to install a AA battery). Use their graph paper circle with the lines on top of that middle section. Chose the size of the clock that you would like and cut their straight line paper to the appropriate size. Line that straight line up and rotate around, marking your wall at the appropriate place. Next you will stick on the foam numbers. On top of each foam you place the shiny top-coat number. Last you place on the hands, hour hand on first and minute hand on top. That’s it. It takes some time to piece this together and get it looking nice- but the finished product looks great and I love it.

Installation Instructions For DIY 3D Wall Clock:

(1) Please put the AA 1.5V battery correctly in the direction of "+ (positive)" and "- (negative)" marked in the battery slot of the movement.
(2) Rotate the time adjustment knob on the back of the movement to calibrate the correct time.
(3) Provide your own hammer, fix the attached steel nail (or trackless hook) in the position of the wall clock, align the hook on the back of the clock with the steel nail, pay attention to the hook must be close to the wall, and then align the 12:00 position and gently straighten the clock face.

Detailed Steps For Installation Of DIY 3D Wall Clock:

  1. Find out all the DIY accessories.
  2. Stick your own glue (such as blue butadiene glue) on the back of the scale number.
  3. Take out the movement and pointer.
  4. Install the hour hand (short hand) first, press in on both sides of the pointer with your thumb, and then install the minute hand (long hand).
  5. Finally install the drips to prevent falling off.
  6. Take out the movement of the clock. Seen from the side, the hour hand and minute hand do not collide. From behind, the pointer and the hook position are perpendicular.
  7. Paste the DIY template paper on the wall.
  8. Stick the traceless glue hook on the large round hole in the middle of the template paper.
  9. Paste the scale numbers one by one according to the corresponding position of the template paper.
  10. Paste all the ticks, then tear off the template paper and hang the movement with the correct time adjustment on the glue hook.

Reinstall Pointer Guide Manual:

In the process of installation and use, if the operation inadvertently bends or touches the pointer, it is easy to lead to abnormal walking. You can bend the two ends of the second hand up a little and the two ends of the hour hand down a little so that the hands don't touch each other easily.

If the above adjustment method is not successful, follow these steps to remove and reinstall the pointer:

(1) Remove the battery and clock, put the clock face flat, hold the root of the pointer, and take out the pointer one by one.
(2) Hold the root of the hour hand (the shortest), point to the 12:00 position, and gently press the pointer on the movement shaft.
(3) Similarly, install the minute hand (long) and the second hand (or second sleeve) so that the tip of the pointer points to the 12:00 position.


1. Please don't push too hard so as not to damage the pointer.
2. The hour and second hands are parallel to each other and cannot touch each other.

Warming Tips:

Please do not use high current batteries and rechargeable batteries such as Nanfu, Jinbawang and Kingston, so as not to damage the movement and affect the service life of the movement! You only need an AA battery(not included)

When deceleration occurs, the battery should be checked and replaced in time.

Please gently wipe with soft cloth or cotton yarn with alcohol (medical alcohol can be used) to keep the shell clean. Do not put this product in damp, high temperature, smoke and other harsh environment to avoid impact and direct exposure to the sun.

This clock is suitable for smooth walls. Some gray walls or wallpaper walls will cause the adhesive properties of the surface behind stickers decrease, so please to bring your own strong sticky glue for auxiliary installations.

All pictures are professionally color-coded, but due to the different ambient light and different display device settings, there may be some deviations from the pictures you see and the items themselves. Please understand.

The data is measured manually, there may be some deviation, but it does not affect the use.

If you encounter problems in the process of installation and use, please click HERE to contact our customer service personnel.

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